• Bisexual Couples

    There are more and more bisexual couples who looking for bisexual women or men, single bisexual person. Some of them for a fun night, some of them for friendship. Nomatterwhat reason, they are exist, they are looking for partners. Many bisexual couples have been happily married for many years and through many adventures. Some of them start to interest in how a bisexual marriage works. Some of them are curious about being with bisexual couples.

    It is very important to us -- How A bisexual marriage can works normally, bisexual couples looking for the third partner, there are 3 people in their life , if they are decided to live together. 2 women +1 man = 2 man +1woman. It means they must share many things with another people, body and love, even thought mind. At the same time, they can't share some things with others, such as, they can't compete with each other's same-sex attraction.

    Bisexual couples enjoy the beautiful journey they're on together. But some of couples not bisexual, accurately, only wife or husband is bisexual, another one is not. Most of them know that his wife or her husband is bisexual, they are agree with wife or husband find bisexual partners. They are respect their choice. That's great. Bisexual people are not alone, they just need many supports and friends. Bisexual marriage is not easy, please cherish it.

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