• Listen To Your Heart -- Bisexual Women And Men

    Bisexual women live in a gray area between the black and whites of “straight” or “gay.” They often have to explain — more than straight women or lesbians. I'm a bisexual woman, engaged to a man, and I've been thinking about this a lot lately. But for most of my adult life (I'm 30), most of my family and friends considered me a lesbian. I never really labeled myself either way, and I tended not mention the people that I was dating casually, so many of them didn't realize that I was actively and frequently going back and forth. In a way, marrying a man makes it easy to ‘hide.’ People just assume you’re straight. It can be freeing not to have to worry about people’s negative reactions to even just seeing you with your partner. But on the other side of the coin, it makes me sad that I even need to hide or worry about these things.” I never gave myself the chance to think about it, I realized that I was falling in love with one of my female friends (who is also bisexual).

    It's not so much about what I'm doing but more of who I'm doing it with. Love give people a lot of courage change the world, not only bisexual women, but all of people who are looking for true love and feeling. We should respect them and support these LOVE. I know men who are incredibly trustworthy, with whom I feel safe and that my boundaries are respected. But unfortunately, there a lot of men who don’t have that same reverence for a woman’s “no.” This can happen with female partners, too. But with men, I have had my boundaries crossed or feared violence on many more occasions.

    If you're straight, gay or lesbian then that would be the category you choose. If you like both that would make you bisexual, regardless of whether you're mostly straight or mostly same sex attracted. If you want to hide your bi, just do it. Life give us rights to choose our real life, not for other people, just be yourself. If you want to date bisexual women or men, couples, just join bisexual dating sites, choose the best bisexual dating site, meet a nice bi ...

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