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Why do I Want to Be in an Open Bisexual Relationship?

Everyone has the right to choose what they like. But inherent social pattern makes many people unable to breathe. Monogamy, one man and one woman. Many LGBT club members disagree with this. They think that an open relationship makes us know ourselves better. Follow your feelings, making people happy. Wanting to see others doesn’t mean you will give up what you already have as soon as you find something you perceive as “better”. It doesn’t mean you lack appreciation for your current partner. Just like you don’t need to defend your choice to drink alcohol occasionally, I shouldn’t need to defend my choice to want to flirt openly, date, or kiss other men.

Many bisexuals are conservative. They are not all open-ended relationships. They also accept monogamy, but they do not resist MMF or FMF. Some bisexual friends are 100% accepting an open relationship is not for sex, but more calmly accept one’s feelings about others. Don’t worry about being unfaithful to their partners or breaking up, and most of them acquiesce that both parties can come into contact with a third party, either mentally or physically.

1) I think it is more in line with human nature and enriches people’s spiritual and physical needs. Although it violates traditional concepts, it is a new type of interpersonal relationship that is worth exploring and pursuing. The traditional concept of love is based on people. You either love this person or that person. If you love both, you can only choose the one you love most and give up the other. I think it’s unscientific. We can’t love someone completely. It’s all because of some characteristics of this person that attracted me. Then I fell in love. Understanding will discover the shortcomings of the other person, so there is a saying that “to love a person is to accept all of him.”

2) People are constantly changing. Although their personalities have been shaped like adults, their thoughts are still evolving, and their understanding of society, life, and love is not static. Since the thoughts of both parties in a marriage are evolving, it is impossible to require the love of both parties to remain unchanged, so it is natural to obtain new love from channels other than marriage.

3) Because traditional concepts put far greater pressure on women than men, the real desire for women of the opposite and the homosexual sex is likely to be underestimated, even some women are not aware of it. Many bisexual friends want to try a threesome or more open relationships. Especially single woman looking for couples, or couples looking for single men or women.

Many people’s relationships later became tasteless. It is inevitable to get bored with each other for a long time. Some people choose to look for excitement outside of marriage but never see it. They also worry that they will be condemned by public opinion and self-blame once the incident occurs. And some people with a strong sense of morality will choose to continue suffering in a boring marriage.

I think an open-ended bisexual relationship is a good attempt. Women are no longer passive here. Of course, I disagree with the retaliatory derailment in pursuit of inner balance. I think it’s still at the level where elementary school students draw lines on the desk to compete for territory. The way I hope is a real face to one’s own desire based on the frankness, sincerity, and mutual trust of both parties.