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    women looking for couplesIn September 1890, Irish writer Oscar Wilde wrote an essay titled "The True Function and Value of Criticism", which was published in the London periodical, "The Nineteenth Century". The essay would later become famous for an unconventional and ironic phrase where Wilde says: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he would tell you the truth"

    Sadly, this figurative statement expresses the two sides of probably every individual on earth. The fragile nature of man means we have always struggled for social acceptance. Whether it was brushing our teeth to get the "good girl!" compliment from Mom and Dad, or dying a blonde hair black to fit into the crowd, humans have always been susceptible to social acceptance. As a result, we have all in one way or the other adjusted our personality to fit into the norm.

    Why this is not necessarily a bad thing, say in the case of brushing your teeth to impress mummy or daddy; oftentimes, the road to social acceptability might be more defaming as in the case of racial discrimination. Or in this case, differences in sexual attraction.

    Over time, awareness has been raised and more lights shared on features that once appeared to make us diversified. Recently, societies have become more accommodative of diversification or differences.

    As a result, the mystery of diversification that has once appeared to separate us now seems to compliment us as we grow more in understanding. Take, for example, if everyone was the same then no one could be special. Nothing airs this point better than the age-old saying, "Be yourself because everyone else is taken". It was with this self-love and freedom of expression in mind that inspired us to tackle a need and build a platform known as Women Looking For Couples.

    Whether it is race or language, diversities can be found in so many ways and forms. The one that has caught our attention the most is the existence of bisexuals. Humans generally have sexual attraction and make love. Without it, we would be unable to display strong intimacy. This sexual attraction differs, and are of three types. The Heterosexual are attracted to the opposite sex, and the homosexual attracted to a similar sex. Bisexual, on the other hand, are attracted to both sexes. If genetics was a lottery, I would say the bisexuals came out the winner of the biggest lot.

    In times past, the thought of exhibiting bisexual behavior would have been troublesome. But take no thoughts anymore, no bisexual is alone and there are hundreds of millions likewise around the world. Amazingly, we offer a platform where bisexuals can connect and meet fellow bisexuals in perfect dating

    To achieving this, we consider the easily overlooked fact that embracing your bisexual nature is not equivalent to having a successful dating experience. It guarantees nothing, but no doubt it is a great start. Here at WomenLookingForCoulples, you are directed into a community of two million registered bisexuals. Amazing right? But wait, there is more. On our platform, we have a blog post that helps answer or solved so many issues one can face as a bisexual. There are blog posts that could not only help you go about finding a bisexual partner but also sustaining the relationship and your normal life routine.

    For every bisexual out there looking for a date, third party partner and threesome, there has never been a better platform set out for you. Here at Women Looking For Couples, there is a great chance to make your bisexual dating perfect.

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