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Do you mind unicorn hunters?

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Unicorn dating refers to a unique type of relationship where a couple seeks to include a third person, often referred to as a "unicorn," in their romantic and/or sexual encounters. This term originated from the elusive and mythical nature of unicorns, emphasizing the difficulty of finding such a rare and desired partner.

What's a Unicorn Hunter?

Unicorn hunters are couples actively searching for a unicorn to join them in their relationship. Typically, they seek a bisexual woman who is open to emotional connections and sexual encounters with both partners. Unicorn hunters often prioritize open communication, mutual consent, and respect within their dynamic. This dynamic can be attractive as it promises adventure, novelty, and the potential for a triad relationship.

I believe the term “Unicorn Hunter” generally refers to a very specific type of couple or person. A Unicorn Hunter, in my mind, would be someone making the crucial mistake of treating the third person, as just that. This particular type of couple or person doesn’t typically show any regard for the true feelings of the third person in the relationship. Unicorn Hunter shouldn’t be used to classify any couple (as defined previously) seeking out a bisexual woman to join their relationship. Many people live an incredibly healthy and loving lifestyle as a triad.

I have no issues with polygamous relationships or a triad lifestyle. However, I find there’s a large difference between those seeking a polygamous relationship, and Unicorn Hunters. Unicorn Hunters are typically looking at this new woman as an “addition” to their already existing relationship, as opposed to realizing that they’re essentially beginning a new relationship as three people. When you’re in a polygamous relationship, it’s important that everyone has a voice and feels that they fit in the relationship, in their way. No one should feel as though they’ve just been wedged into an existing relationship.

Rules and boundaries are a perfectly normal part of a polygamous relationship. However, these are all things that ought to be set and discussed equally, by all members of the relationship. Unicorn Hunters are typical of adding a woman into their existing relationship and expecting her to live by existing rules. Unicorn hunting can often be perceived as tokenizing the third person involved, reducing their worth to a mere object of desire. It is essential to view all participants as equal partners, validate their feelings, and avoid treating them as disposable or interchangeable. This perspective promotes inclusivity, respect, and genuine connections.

A large issue with Unicorn Hunters is they often require the third person to divide their love, time, and sexual experiences equally between the two existing partners. This is generally done without offering the same to the third person, or without regard to their feelings. This isn’t natural, and it’s isn’t a fair or healthy expectation.

Communication is key in any relationship but, even more so when there are three (or more) people involved. If you’re unwilling to hear the opinions, feelings, and expectations of all parties involved, then it may not be the thing for you. No one should ever feel unheard, and that’s a common theme in relationships with Unicorn Hunters. Successful triad relationships are built on open and honest communication. The couple must ensure that the unicorn's emotional well-being is considered and that they have a voice within the relationship. Continual communication and checking in on everyone's emotional needs can help create a healthy and balanced dynamic.

Any relationship where someone has been left to feel like an “addition”, isn’t the healthiest. Unicorn Hunters give a poor name to triad relationships. They typically lead the third person into a very unhealthy lifestyle, that’s entirely selfishly motivated. Polygamous relationships can be a beautiful thing when everyone is treated fairly. Everyone’s expectations should feel met, feelings should be validated, and no one should feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Unicorn hunting in the dating world presents a complex mix of excitement and ethical considerations. While this dynamic can offer a unique and fulfilling experience for those involved, it is vital to approach it with sensitivity, empathy, and a commitment to fostering equal and consensual relationships. By prioritizing communication, consent, and emotional well-being, we can ensure that unicorn hunting is a positive and respectful practice within the realm of modern dating.