• Bisexual Teens Lack Help When They Need It Most

    Although we are all concerned about the healthy growth of young people, there are still many violent incidents and suicides. . .Especially for bisexual, gay, and transgender people, we have not done enough. Many times we only legally recognized them. Many places have not even accepted or recognized them in the law. However, in the hearts of many of us, we have not really accepted and recognized them. So, when they are helpless, we have only shown poor, helpless eyes. It does not really help.For them, Some people chose to commit suicide. Some people chose to hide their true sexual orientation.

    1.They need courage to tell their parents and friends their own sexual orientation.The misunderstandings of parents and the strange eyes of friends often make them afraid to speak their true sexual orientation.Some even broke their relationship with him because they said they were bisexual.Some also lost a lot of friends for this.

    2.They get more discrimination and violence.Although bisexuality has gradually been accepted and recognized by more and more people, there are still many discrimination and misunderstandings. There is still a lot of violence against their existence.

    3.Many dating sites do not accept minors, causing them to miss a lot of dating opportunities.On the one hand, because many dating sites are paid websites, many teenagers do not have enough financial ability to support their dating expenses. On the other hand, many dating websites design adult topics and are not suitable for young people to join.

    4.They will feel scared when they are surrounded by strange eyes. Although the network is well-developed, it still can't reach the constant rumors and language violence.

    5.No one told them what they should do, what they should not do, how they should do, and everything they had to do to explore themselves. There is no single book that clearly states how they should face discrimination, face violence, face misunderstandings, and how to face their own sexual orientation.The most we talk about is:Just be yourself. But How? So they are very confused, very helpless, very humble, very sad, When they face these problems that they cannot solve at all.

    So I think we should care more about every bisexual friend around us, give their parents, friends, teachers and classmates a chance to understand them, let them join in the circle of friends of many adults, learn adult stories and make friends, Experience, speak their own ideas, speak out their confusion, and help them solve them together.Many things cannot be done overnight.

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