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Why Do Most Bisexual Women End Up With Men?

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Although singleism is very popular, but most people still choose marriage to spend the rest of their lives. Not because they are afraid of loneliness, but marriage will make their life more exciting, sure, it may also be cumbersome. The interplay of sexual orientation, attraction, and relationships is a complex and deeply personal aspect of human identity. Bisexual women, like anyone else, navigate their own unique paths when it comes to romantic partnerships. I think it's a beautiful thing that people are capable of having an emotional and physical relationship with all other human beings no matter their gender.

Societal Expectations:

Societal norms and stigmas surrounding LGBTQ+ relationships may exert pressure on bisexual women to conform to heteronormative standards. Due to the prevalence of heteronormative assumptions and biases, bisexual women may face external influences that shape their partner choices. Society's focus on heterosexual relationships as the default can influence someone's decision-making process and lead to a higher likelihood of ending up with a male partner. It is essential to create inclusive spaces that embrace diverse relationship dynamics without imposing societal expectations.

Availability and Dating Pool:

The dating pool and the availability of potential partners significantly impact relationship outcomes. Although bisexuality is constantly growing, compared to straight, they are still a minority. It is very difficult to find a bisexual that they love you and you love them, And there is no law stipulates that bisexual women cannot marry men. This greater pool of potential male partners can increase the chances of forming relationships with men. However, it is important to note that the dating pool and availability are not the sole determinants of partner choices and cannot fully explain personal preferences and attractions.

Fluidity of Attraction:

Bisexuality, by definition, encompasses attraction to both genders. However, it's important to acknowledge that individuals may experience fluctuating levels of attraction over time. This fluidity does not invalidate their bisexuality but may influence their choice of partners at different stages of their lives. It's crucial to respect and acknowledge that attraction does not solely define one's sexual orientation and that partner choices are personal and multifaceted.

Many Lesbians Are Biased Against Bisexual Women:

Although bisexuality belongs to the LGBT community, discrimination and refusal to admit have always existed between them, Lesbian and gay participants both agreed that bisexual men are significantly more attracted to men than they are to women, and lesbian felt that this was true of bisexual women as well. The only exception to this pattern was gay men who felt bisexual women were equally attracted to men and women.

To Have a Successful Marriage:

For a marriage to be successful, children must be involved, and this is why many bisexual women will end up with men. Although one might be attracted to both genders, it becomes hard to date your fellow woman when you want to have kids. Although technology is now developed, surrogacy or artificial conception can be achieved, but this also needs to consider your economic conditions. Without kids, you can never feel your marriage being complete.


Even though bisexual people are attracted to two genders, this doesn't mean they are attracted to everyone. Just because your partner is bisexual does not mean he or she wants to have threesomes. No matter single women looking for couple, or couples seeking single bisexual, not all bisexual people like threesome. Anyway, We don't recommend getting married for marriage, we hope that you are married for love. Love is the preservative of marriage. Everyone has the right to marry, no matter what her sexual orientation is, we can't comment on other people's choices. We should wish everyone happiness with a blessing attitude. No matter what her sexual orientation is, she has the right to be happy.