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How to become an active supporter of bisexuality?

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With the development of society, more and more bisexuals want to experience some real bisexual life, instead of saying that: yes, I am bisexual. Especially those men or women who are already married. They are eager to live a bisexual life while maintaining their current marital status. Many men or women know or start to suspect that their other half is bisexual, they feel a special panic, even a little fear, do not know what to do, feel very worried about their marriage, and even doubt themselves will be infected with AIDS. All these suspicions and fantasies are normal, for a person who has never recognized or dismissed bisexuality. What should I do? Accept, Reject, Divorce?

Educate Yourself:

To be an effective ally, it is vital to educate yourself about bisexuality and the experiences of bisexual individuals. Take the time to read and understand relevant literature, online resources, and personal experiences shared by bisexual women and men. By gaining knowledge, you can challenge misconceptions, stereotypes, and biases, both within yourself and in conversations with others. If you love your other half, you can ask yourself first, can you accept that she (he) is bisexual? People’s misunderstandings and ridicules have led to the breakdown of many bisexual marriages. Accepting her (him) being bisexual, is the best love for her(him). Giving up on the common misunderstandings and stereotypes of bisexuality. Understand bisexuality, accept bisexuality from the bottom of your heart.

Listen and Validate:

Listening is one of the most important aspects of being an ally. Create a safe and non-judgmental space where bisexual individuals can share their experiences and concerns. By actively listening and validating their feelings, you demonstrate empathy and understanding. Avoid making assumptions or invalidating their identity; instead, respect their self-identification and the unique aspects of their lived experiences. Encourage him/her to tell the person he/she wants to tell.

Speak Up Against Biphobia:

Challenge biphobic language, jokes, and stereotypes when you encounter them. Whether it's in private conversations, social media interactions, or public spaces, speak out against biphobia. Use your voice to educate others and promote acceptance. Amplify the voices of bisexual individuals by sharing their stories and perspectives. Remember, being an ally means actively fighting for the rights and respect of all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Attend LGBTQ+ Events and Support Organizations:

Participate in local LGBTQ+ events, marches, and pride festivals to support the bisexual community. Volunteer or donate to organizations that provide resources, support, and advocacy for bisexual individuals. Engage in discussions and workshops that focus on bisexual experiences to broaden your understanding and perspective.

Accept the fact that she not only loves you alone:

Many bisexuals are or expect to have a threesome relationship, When they have this idea, don't be surprised, don't stop it. This is a normal phenomenon. If you like, you can get involved. Bisexuality is also a normal human being, they don't need special treatment, your special care may make him feel very disgusted. Don’t get annoyed at him if you catch him watching gay porn or others. If he wants to do anything pride related then show support.