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How Do I Not Feel Awful About My Sexuality?

How Do I Not Feel Awful About My SexualityInstead of dreaming of a brighter, happier, richer tomorrow, make today as wonderful as you can. As a bisexual, Many times, we are confused. Even scared and lonely. I don't know how to come out, get support and help, whether I should disclose my sexual orientation. Bisexuality isn't 50/50 for everyone, We don't have to be majorly attracted to both genders to be bi love. Only you can decide whether you want to embrace your sexuality, or live in denial out of fear of what others will think of you. Here are some suggestions, I hope can help you.

1. Don't be afraid of change and uncertainty.

When you have determined your sexual orientation, your life will change more or less. For example, you can date a boy or a girl, you can enter the bisexual bar boldly, you can participate in various bisexual gathering. Don't be afraid to change. Some people don't adapt to this change at the beginning. Some people don't like the changed state. If you are a true bisexual, you will feel very comfortable, you will never hide your sexual orientation, no longer afraid of others' reactions after knowing your sexual orientation, will make you more and more brave.

2. Don't be afraid to come out.

If you don't want to make a big announcement about it, that is cool. I hope for a world where no one needs to come out. But for others, it has been an extremely important step to living an authentic life and that shouldn't be diminished. Coming out or not coming out is completely up to you. If you want to come out, Come out at your own pace, pick a good friend or a stranger on the bus or the barista at Starbucks and tell them you're bi. It gets easier to come out after you do it a few times. Everything will be better if you reach out to others to get the support you need.

I suggest that you start with just one or two people who you would believe to be the most accepting and supportive first. This can help you with building up a good support group of people before you try the more challenging people. You deserve to be with someone who loves you for who you are as a whole. Hiding it doesn't change you, and only will hurt you in the end.

3. Don't be afraid to accept bad results.

We can't change everyone's thoughts. What we can do is protect ourselves from being beaten by other people's verbal attacks. We can't punish ourselves with other people's mistakes. Only when our own heart becomes strong, can we have reason to let others believe that we are right. In fact, in real life, it is difficult for us to achieve true self. It is difficult for us to ignore the views of others, but we cannot hide our true sexual orientation because of their incomprehension and disapproval.

4. Don't be afraid to fight.

We want to be recognized and protected by law, we want to be respected and understood by others, we must use the right way to fight for our legal rights. We want more people to know bisexuality, understand and respect us, we are not rubbish that endangers social security, we are normal ordinary human beings.

5. Perfection has no place in love.

It's not because we are bisexual, our love is perfect, there are no shortcomings. Bisexuality also has many shortcomings. There are also many unacceptable facts. For example, the threesome relationship that is very common nowadays, many people are unwilling to accept such a love model. Many people still accept traditional monogamy. Not all bisexuals must like the relationship of threesomes.

Love is like the wind, I can't see it, but i can feel it. May our love not bear too much anxiety and helplessness. Bisexual people are amazing and deserve all the love they get. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual, but it is not something which is accepted by one and all.